Pilot Foundation

Pilot Foundation

We build two main types of pile systems: – for trench strengthening and stabilization of landslide sites – for pile foundations of buildings and engineering structures. Drilling diameters are up to Ø500mm.

Pile foundations are reinforcement structures with high bearing capacity. Piles are vertical or inclined columns driven or cast into the soil, which takes the loads from the superstructure and transmits them to deeper lying layers in the subsoil, which have greater bearing capacity.

Pile shoring is one of the commonly used methods, especially when construction is carried out in soils with impaired mechanical performance or when structures are built over or in water. Pilot shoring can also be carried out in the construction of buildings with large proximity when it is not possible to make sufficiently resistant sloping. In this case, the vertical wall of the excavation is strengthened with piles. Also, when it is not possible to make a deep excavation, a pile foundation is performed, the aim being to penetrate the piles to the necessary depth until sound soils are reached.

Depending on the diameter of the piles, they are divided into normal piles (over 300 mm in diameter) and micro piles (up to and including 300 mm). Reinforcement can be performed with a distance between piles or tightly, where the piles are cut into each other (secant piles).

Depending on how the piles are placed in the soil, they are divided into two main groups: driven piles (pre-cast) and poured piles (poured in place).

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