Engineering geological core drilling

Exploratory core drilling is nowadays the most common, fast and inexpensive way to collect information about the geological structure of the soil. It is used in the mining industry to test known and potential ore deposits. What makes it different from other geological drilling is that the hardcore is extracted from depth to explore the surface.

Diamond exploration drilling is rotary drilling with core selection. A key technology for diamond drilling is the diamond chisel itself. It consists of industrial diamonds inserted into a soft metal matrix. The chisel is mounted on a column barrel which is attached to a drilling column connected to a drilling rig. Water is injected into the drill pipe to wash away the rock sediment formed by the chisel as well as to reduce the heat generated by friction, causing less wear on the chisel. A true diamond chisel is a complex affair, usually designed for a particular type of rock, with many washout grooves. The rope system is a core extraction technique in which only the inner core tube is extracted through an outer tube and a column of rods terminates in drilling. The outer pipe with a drill bit and column of rods remains in the ground. “GeoHydroDrill” Ltd uses only high-quality drilling tools from world-leading manufacturers to ensure high-quality core performance and orientation to its customers.

Exploration core drilling has several significant advantages over conventional drilling. Cutting is more accurate than percussion techniques, which means less likelihood of damage that could affect the integrity of the structure. The equipment is lightweight and very portable and can be used in situations where space is at a premium. As the procedure is relatively quiet, it can be carried out almost anywhere without fear of creating unnecessary noise. Very little dust is generated during exploratory core drilling.

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