Piezometers for groundwater monitoring with diameters from Ø63 to Ø114 and depths up to 300m.

Construction of new piezometers

For the construction of new piezometers, the following work methodology can be used:

A drilling rig will be used to drive the piezometer stem-pilot, core drill Ø89mm to Ø127mm and subsequently drill coreless Æ151mm diameter using rotary drilling with flushing.

After drilling the borehole with Æ151 mm, the same can be equipped as piezometers.

The following material will be used: PVC Ø90×4,7, size of the filter holes: slots 50×1,5 mm with a pitch around the perimeter – 50 mm and along the length – 100 mm. A gravel backfill with a grain size of 4/8 mm will be filled in the backfill area at the water level. In the interval 0,00 m – to water level, a clay tamping shall be performed. The constructed piezometers will be cleaned with a compressor and slurry pump. The equipment of the head will be by the type of construction – as per design.

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