Registration of existing boreholes

Registration of existing boreholes

Registration of existing water supply facilities.

For registration of a water intake facility with the MoEW, the following data must be provided:

1. the design characteristics of the water intake facility and its condition, including:

(a) diameters and depths of placement of cover columns and filters, presence and quality of backfill cementation;

(b) the results of borehole camera surveys of the condition of the wellbore to its full depth;

(c) the results of experimental filtration studies carried out for the entry;

(d) a complete chemical analysis of the groundwater for all the indicators for which groundwater quality standards have been set by the Regulation referred to in Article 135(1/p.2) carried out to list the facility in an accredited sampling laboratory;

2. that the water abstraction facility reveals only one water body, including a geological-hydrogeological column and geological profiles;
3. the location of the water abstraction facility, including geodetic coordinates and elevation of the mouth of the facility or characteristic points of linear structures;

To meet the requirements of the regulations for registration of existing water supply facilities, our company offers:

– video recording of existing water supply facilities

– a geodetic survey of water supply facilities

– experimental filtration studies

– accredited sampling and subsequent laboratory analysis of groundwater samples

– preparation of a project for the registration of existing water supply facilities.

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