Pumps and pumping systems

Installation and delivery

The company performs complete engineering in the supply, installation and commissioning of borehole and surface pumps, hydrophore systems, fire protection systems, sewage pumping systems, water softening systems, etc.

We offer warranty and post-warranty subscription services. We provide warranty and post-warranty service on all pumps and systems supplied and installed by us. We offer subscription maintenance of pumps and equipment, preventive maintenance, construction of pump installations, and manufacture of electrical panels for protection and automation.

Types of pumps:

  • Submersible (submersible) pumps;
  • Drilling pumps;
  • Ground pumps;
  • Sewage pumps;
  • Domestic pumps;
  • Fire extinguishing (sprinkler) pumps;
  • Heat Pumps;
  • Pressure-boosting systems;
  • Hydrophones;
  • Drainage dewatering pumps – type “Bibo”;
  • Circulation pumps;
  • Single and multistage pumps;
  • Sewage pumps;
  • Self Priming Pumps;
  • Vertical and horizontal pumps;
  • Pumps for swimming pools;
  • Others;
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