Investment intentions to the Regional Environmental Protection Agency

Preparation of documents necessary for the assessment of the need for EIA at the Regional Environmental Protection Agency

  1. To obtain a Decision of the Director of the relevant Regional Environmental and Water Inspectorate on the Environmental Impact Assessment or on the assessment that an Environmental Impact Assessment is not necessary, or on a Compatibility Assessment, where required under the Environmental Protection Act and the Biodiversity Act:

– in respect of the site to be supplied with water;

– with respect to water abstraction (where the average daily flow is more than 300 l/s and in other cases at the discretion of the competent authority by Appendix 2 to Art. 93, para. 1, items 1 and 2 of the EIA, item 10, par. “n”)

Documents required:

  • Notification of an investment plan containing information referred to in Article 4(3) of the EIA Ordinance – one paper copy and two electronic copies.
  • Sample of a request for assessment of the need for EIA
  • Copy of the notification to the Mayor of the relevant Municipality(ies) and Town Hall(s)
  • Notice to the affected population
  • Information on public interest in the investment proposal
  • The information referred to in Annex 2 to Article 6 of the EIA Regulation shall be submitted in one hard copy and two electronic copies
  • A copy of a current sketch with coordinates (lot) of the land plot
  • A copy of the deed or other document giving legal grounds for use of the property

Certified document of the paid fee.

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