Permits for water abstraction from existing boreholes

Preparation of documentation for obtaining a Permit for groundwater abstraction from existing groundwater wells facilities.
Preparation of a Project for water abstraction /Water Abstraction Justification/ from groundwater The project includes:
– the specific hydrogeological conditions of the project site; regional and local groundwater resources;
– Conductivity;
– filtration coefficient;
– piezo transmissivity and groundwater recharge;
– the estimated operational drawdowns in the water intake facility at the specified daily, monthly and annual design flows, and an estimate of the impact of the water intake facility within a 1,000-metre range;
– Conceptual groundwater body model and method selection for
its solution;
– Results of laboratory analyses from groundwater sampling /PAIS/(up to six months old).

To complete the documentation for obtaining a water abstraction permit, the following documents must be submitted:
-Applicant’s details;
-Water body use and abstraction data;
-Number of the decision of the Minister of Environment and Water or of the Director of the relevant Regional Inspectorate for Environment and Water on the environmental impact assessment or on the assessment that an environmental impact assessment or a compatibility assessment is not necessary, where required under the Environmental Protection Act and the Biodiversity Act.
-Certified proof of payment of the permit fee (Article 60(2)(1) of the Water Act);

– A current sketch or map of the properties where the use of a water body and water abstraction will take place, certified by the relevant competent authority (Article 60(2)(2) of the Water Act);
-Declaration of the circumstances referred to in Article 71(2) of the Environmental Protection Act (according to the form attached to the application);
-Ownership document or notarized written consent from the owner of the property where the water abstraction facilities will be located;
-A notarized statement from the owners of the property to be affected by the sanitary protection zone project certifying that they are aware of the restrictions and prohibitions outlined in the ordinance under Art. 135, par. 1(6), which fall within the project sanitary protection zones – in case of use of a water body for the construction of facilities and water abstraction intended for independent drinking water supply (The document shall be drawn up with the content by Article 152 of Ordinance No. 1 on the exploration, use and protection of groundwater);
– Justification of the water abstraction, including justification of the requested water quantity, by the water consumption norms established by the Ordinance under Article 117a, paragraph 2. (Pending the adoption of the Ordinance on the alignment of Ordinance No. 1 on the exploration, use and protection of groundwater with the Law on Water Resources, the justification of the water abstraction shall be prepared with the content of the Water Abstraction Project as defined in Article 156, the part of the Facilities Construction Project defined in Article 160, Paragraph 1, Item 2 and Paragraph 2, Items 2 and 3 and Paragraph 4 and the Justification of the Requested Water Quantity defined in Article 151 of Ordinance No. 1 on Groundwater Exploration, Use and Protection. Pending the adoption of the Regulation under Article 117a, paragraph 2, the justification of the requested water volumes shall be developed based on the quantities determined by other normative acts for the respective purpose, and the justification of the required water volumes shall also indicate the name of the relevant normative act – § 140 of the PDD of the Law on Water Supply, in force since 10.08.2010).
The issuance of a groundwater abstraction permit is linked to the availability of a free resource in the relevant water body. The resources of water bodies are updated monthly by the Basin Directorate.

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