GEOHYDRODRILL Ltd. mainly operates in the fields of hydraulic engineering, environmental monitoring activities, activities related to the performance of engineering geological, hydrogeological, geotechnical and geophysical studies for buildings and facilities, consulting, development of detailed designs and construction of landslide strengthening, weak ground and foundations, construction of piped water supply boreholes and drains, sewage networks and facilities, design and construction of pumping stations, high-pressure water pipelines and water transmission systems, surveys and construction of landfills and hazardous waste disposal sites, mining technical studies designs and construction of infrastructure in the field of coal mining and ore extraction.


Installation and delivery

We offer complete engineering for the supply, installation and commissioning of borehole and surface pumps, hydrophore systems, fire protection systems, sewage pumping systems, water softening systems and more. Warranty and post-warranty subscription service

We provide warranty and post-warranty service on all products. We offer subscription maintenance of pumps and equipment, preventive maintenance, construction of pump installations, and manufacture of electrical panels for protection and automation.


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Hydrogeological and engineering geological studies.

Pumps and pumping systems

Installation and supply.


Water supply, engineering geology core and geothermal boreholes. Pilot foundations and piezometers.

Document preparation

Registrations and permits for private parties. Application of investment intentions to the Regional Environmental Protection Agency.

Environmental projects

"Methodology for the application of best available techniques (BAT) for the industrial activities of new and existing industrial installations and facilities".

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